Temperature monitoring and device control over WiFi using ESP8266

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Quick Overview

It is a temperature monitoring system over WiFi using ESP8266. Temperature can be monitored on any android or IOS device through a web browser. This device will help you to set the lower threshold temperature and upper threshold temperature remotely from your mobile device through WiFi. Any low voltage device can be connected at the output. This device will turn on when temperature is above upper threshold and turns off when the temperature is below lower threshold. High voltage devices can be connected through relay. Also, there is an option provided to set the delay after which the output device will turn ON or OFF when the temperature is above or below the threshold values.


Circuit and program at : https://haberocean.com/2020/01/temperature-monitoring-and-device-control-system-over-wifi/


ESP8266 programmer circuit at : https://haberocean.com/2020/01/esp8266-esp-12f-esp-12e-programmer-circuit/


Out of stock


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