32-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register module using 74HC595

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32-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register module using 74HC595. Module contains four 74HC595 ICs. Each IC will have eight outputs. From four ICs, there will be 32 outputs.


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Interfacing 32-bit Shift register module to Arduino UNO : https://haberocean.com/2019/05/shift-register-module-working-using-arduino-uno/


Cascading two 32-bit shift register modules using Arduino UNO : https://haberocean.com/2019/05/cascading-two-shift-register-modules-using-arduino-uno/


7-Digit seven segment display module from Arduino UNO through 32-bit shift register module : https://haberocean.com/2019/05/7-digit-seven-segment-display-module-from-arduino-uno-through-shift-register-module/


32-bit shift register module using ESP-12F IOT module : https://haberocean.com/2019/05/32-bit-shift-register-module-using-esp-12f-iot-module/


7-digit seven segment display using ESP-12F IOT module through 32-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register module : https://haberocean.com/2019/07/7-digit-seven-segment-display-using-esp-12f-iot-module-through-32-bit-serial-in-parallel-out-shift-register-module/


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