IOT Module using ESP-12F

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ESP-12F based IOT module which will give 5V / 9V outputs from five digital pins of ESP-12F. 5V outputs can be used to control TTL / CMOS ICs. Output will be 5V if the jumper is conncted across COM and 5V. Similarly, output will be 9V if the jumper is connected across COM and Vin. You can control your devices like electric bulbs from Android applications through this module. Screw terminal output interfacing is also provided for 5V / 9V digital outputs.


Reference blogs


ESP-12F IOT module programmer circuit :


32-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register module using ESP-12F IOT module :


Control the outputs of ESP-12F IOT module from an Android App :


7-digit seven segment display using ESP-12F IOT module through 32-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register module :


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