Patterns in cascaded 16-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register modules using Arduino UNO
/* Shift Register Example Turning on the outputs of a 74HC595 using an array Hardware: * 74HC595 shift register * LEDs attached to each of the outputs of the shift register */ //Pin connected to ST_CP (12) of 74HC595 int latchPin = 12; //Pin connected to SH_CP (11) of 74HC595 int clockPin = 11; ////Pin connected to DS (14) of 74HC595 int dataPin = 10; //holders for information you're going to pass to shifting function byte data;
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.96″ OLED display using Arduino UNO, I2C programming basics

This tutorial illustrates the basics of programming .96″ OLED display from Arduino by I2C interface. This program will give you an idea about the control and data bytes that should be sent to the OLED display.

#include <Wire.h#define SSD1306_DEACTIVATE_SCROLL 0x2E #define SSD1306_MEMORYMODE 0x20 ///< See datasheet #define SSD1306_COLUMNADDR 0x21 ///< See datasheet #define SSD1306_PAGEADDR 0x22 ///< See datasheet #define SSD1306_SETCONTRAST 0x81 ///< See datasheet #define SSD1306_CHARGEPUMP 0x8D ///< See datasheet #define SSD1306_SEGREMAP 0xA0 ///<
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