Neopixel ring colour picker App using Flutter through NodeMCU

This is an App developed in Flutter to set your desired colour on Neopixel ring from a mobile App. Circuit is done as shown in the following diagram.

Download the NeoPixelColorPicker library from the following link. Unzip and copy the downloaded library to your Arduino libraries folder.


Restart the Arduino software and open the example program from File ->

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16-bit shift register module using 74HC595 controlled through NodeMCU

16-bit shift register module will help you to create 16 digital outputs from only 3 digital outputs of NodeMCU. Circuit is done as shown in the diagram. Upload the following program to your NodeMCU.

/* Shift Register Example Turning on the outputs of a 74HC595 using an array Hardware: * 74HC595 shift register * LEDs attached to each of the outputs of the shift register */ //Pin connected to ST_CP (12) of 74HC595 int latchPin = 0;
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